Cut down costs - improve supply security

For commercial and industrial customers, energy is a critical factor for their businesses success. This applies both for electrical and thermal energy. Moxie Power is the one stop shop in organising your energy supply in the most affordable, secure and innovative way. We offer the solutions that cut down your costs of business operation and are able to improve the supply security of your energy needs.


Moxie Power is familiar with your needs. But our answers differ from case to case. Because every case is individual and the best solutions are always tailor-made. Your manufacturing activities do heavily rely on electricity? Solar PV is the technology of choice. Operating your hotel requires a lot of hot water? Go for solar thermal collectors.


Because our team members represent more than 50 years of professional experience in the solar industry, we are able to deliver high quality solutions while keeping your investment affordable. And we can even deliver the answers, how to finance your investment. With Moxie Power, solar energy and energy efficiency pays off. 


What ever it is: Add some more value to your business. With Moxie Power. Now!