Simply the first choice in solar thermal collectors.

When it comes to solar thermal technology, Moxie Power trusts in Simply Solar.


The Simply Solar water heater is an innovative and well proven concept, developed by the German engineers of Simply Solar. Simply Solar water heater is a durable and sturdy product. This heater is resistant to damage due to scaling, salty water, freezing or overheating in summer.


It is offered at highly affordable prices with a return on investment as low as two years, depending on your location and use. One of its biggest advantages is the modular design. Simply Solar water heaters are easily adaptable from 100L up to more than 500L as per need or economic possibility.


The product features at a glance

German engineering.


Field proven for 10 years in international markets.


Manufactured in India.


100 LPD, adequate for a family of four.


Robust and durable design.


Resistant to pilferage and Breaking.


Corrosion free even with salty water. No rusty and leaking tanks.


Resistant to scaling, gives high performance over the entire Lifetime.


Low stagnation temperature avoids overheating when not in use.


Very easy to install. Just add inlet and outlet pipes.