Selected references

Solar Home System

This picture shows the installation process of a solar home system on a chamba near Chuka City, Tharaka-Niti County. The system contains a solar module, solar inverter, load charge Manager, batteries and various DC-based consuming-devices, such as a lighting system.

Solar @ farm building

This picture shows a 40 kWp solar PV power plant on a farm building in the northwest of Germany, built by our German Partner SunConcept. Solar PV installations on farm buildings are a very popular investment, because solar PV systems generate additional income without creating additional physical work.

Solar @ School building

Flat roofs with metalsheet cover - often seen on industrial buildings - offer a big potential for solar PV installations. This picture shows a system with a capacity of kWp, built by SunConcept on a school building in the German city of Osnabrück.